Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Leverage anytime/anywhere accessibility for on-demand data.

Waste less time and money managing servers

Does it feel like your IT managers are wasting too much time babysitting your servers when they should be focused on more important issues? Do you scowl every time you look at the bill for your server cooling expense every month? DataKloud can help you alleviate these headaches in a simple, cost-effective solution – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

By transferring your servers to the cloud, you can reduce the amount of in-house servers you require to keep your IT systems running smoothly. That means your IT managers will no longer waste time attending to them, and can instead put that energy into being more responsive to changing market needs and making more efficient use of your infrastructure investments.

The company will free up limited office space, save on energy costs and say goodbye to the ongoing hassles of dealing with in-house servers forever.

Here’s how IaaS will DataKloud give you an advantage:

  • Proactively monitored and maintained servers by our experts equals less downtime for your business.
  • Simplify your budget by paying only for the server space you actually use.
  • Create a tailor-made server setup that is fully customizable to your unique needs.
  • With the ability to instantly upgrade software, add applications and acquire more space as you need it, you can scale your business easily.

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